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At Dimension Data we believe that your 云 solution should be as unique as your business is. We work with leading companies across Africa and the Middle East to ensure their 云 journey is built for purpose so they benefit from the true value of the 云.

We’ll guide you with an outcomes-driven transformation approach delivered through our world-class  infrastructure, security and services portfolio – innovating and optimising costs to enable agility, 速度和安全, 高性能的云环境. 

So, 无论你是云之旅的开始, 想要提升, 轮班和优化工作负荷和场地, or re-platform and modernise applications to improve your current 云 performance, 十大网赌网址在线排名可以帮助.

Assess your IT landscape including infrastructure, networking, security and applications today!





在不确定性, the boardrooms of many global organisations have shifted focus towards business continuity, 弹性, 以及适应变化的能力. 为了实现这些目标, 混合云已经成为业务战略的核心推动者. 

Our 2021 Hybrid 云 Report uncovers how organisations can embrace hybrid 云 to their advantage; to seek agility, 增强的安全, 更好的性能和增加的效率增益.

十大网赌网址在线排名拥有云咨询和迁移方面的专业知识和经验, 运营和优化您的云环境.

利用十大网赌网址在线排名深入的知识和支持Azure的先进平台, AWS, 思科, 戴尔, HPE和VMware. 从咨询到移民, 操作和优化, 十大网赌网址在线排名将通过灵活的方式帮助您释放云的全部力量, 优化的解决方案,本质上是安全的.



We take a holistic approach to protect and secure your 云-based infrastructure, 数据和应用程序为您的业务提供敏捷性. 十大网赌网址在线排名可以在不同的环境中看到您的云资源, allowing us to work out how best to secure your 云 infrastructure using a combination of suitable security controls.


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We have over 500 expertly trained 云 Masters who specialise in designing 云 solutions. 



利用NTT有限公司.'s world class data centre outsourcing and hybrid infrastructure managed services.



84多个网点的网络和云覆盖, 以及横跨中东和非洲的11个数据中心.



Integrate technologies from all the right partners; Azure, AWS, 思科, 戴尔的技术, HPE和VMware

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