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维度数据, 十大网赌网址在线排名致力于通过提供可持续价值来积极影响十大网赌网址在线排名的社区. 十大网赌网址在线排名的使命是改变教育, 就业机会和经济增长, 通过技术的运用,不断寻求新的创新方式, 改变年轻人的生活. 

自1995年以来,十大网赌网址在线排名继续投资于十大网赌网址在线排名的青年的未来,帮助他们在大学取得优异的成绩, 让他们为公司做好准备,为成功做好准备.

在过去的26年, 维德数据的周六学校已经帮助了成千上万的高中生提高他们的科学知识, 技术, 工程, 数学(STEM科目). 该课程在学年中进行, 为来自服务不足社区的11年级和12年级的学生提供额外的课程. The programme has been recognised by the Gauteng Department of 教育 in South Africa as one of the top three education interventions.

在过去的26年, 周六学校已经取得了超过90%的通过率和平均85%的不同学科的成绩. 毕业生成为了精算师, 会计师, 医生, 微生物学家, 工程师, 企业家, 和信息通信技术专业人员, 他们中的一些人已经通过十大网赌网址在线排名的研究生课程加入了Dimension Data. 

周六学校目前设在豪登省和伊丽莎白港的办公室. Our intention is to see it grow beyond these regions so that more young people can reap the benefits of this initiative. 

“十大网赌网址在线排名相信,教育和技术有能力改变生活,塑造一个更美好的未来, 这就是为什么在过去的26年中, we have invested in our 星期六学校 programme to help South Africa’s brightest young minds become the Creators of Tomorrow. ‘


教育 is a key enabler in bringing positive change in society and strengthens the possibility of progress and we wanted to help our students to stay in contact with their teachers and remain inspired to learn during the 2020 national lockdown. Through 技术 we were able to empower our learners to stay connected with their tutors and engaged in their studies. 

“我很感激Dimension Data给我的帮助. 我能够参与学习和教学. I am able to research some things that I don’t understand and communication has totally improved because the data is enough. 我感到很幸运,因为即使它被封锁了,我仍然可以做我的功课. The opportunity that we were given by Dimension Data has played a huge role because we can never have to stress about data and being behind on school work. 我很感激,谢谢” 星期六学校学习.









获得5个奖项,将在Sefako Makgatho大学学习医学.




Lesego Lefikanyana



十大网赌网址在线排名在伊丽莎白港的第一批毕业生的通过率达到了90%, 70%的大学入学, 20%的国家文凭和32个荣誉. 

Asive Diamane



Sivenathi Hobana



Inam Nojilana






“个人, 星期六学校的毕业典礼是我今年最精彩的事情之一, 看到毕业生们的骄傲和潜力,我感到很惊讶, 还有他们的父母和兄弟姐妹.  如果不是我父母给我的教育特权, 我就不会有今天的成就. 

作为一个公司, we believe strongly that education is the only route to economic growth and to break the cycle of poverty in South Africa. 周六学校是十大网赌网址在线排名为这个国家和人民未来的繁荣做出的微薄贡献.”

维尔纳·卡普 首席执行官维度数据

"Youth unemployment in South Africa continues to be a challenge stemming from various reasons but mainly quality of education and a weakened economy. 尽管有这些挑战, 青年发展是推动变革的关键, 创新, 终身投资,改善弱势群体的生活质量. Dimension Data started the Saturday school as a support structure for grade 10 – 12 learners specifically focusing in STEM subjects. 作为一家科技公司,十大网赌网址在线排名不断面对技术的演进、创新和变革. 尤其是在当今的数字时代,年轻人更善于应对变化和新鲜的想法.

维数公司正在打造一支装备精良的领导队伍, 技术官僚和有商业头脑的年轻人,他们首先参加了十大网赌网址在线排名的周六学校, then have an opportunity to participate in our graduate programmes then eventually become part of the Dimension Data family."

Nompumelelo Mokou 总经理:南部非洲,Dimension Data



Sherodene Devalogan

Sherodene graduated from the Saturday school in 2016 with 5 distinctions and was awarded a Dimension Data bursary to study BSc in Mathematical Statistics at the University of Pretoria. 她作为实习生加入了十大网赌网址在线排名的2021年技术加速计划(TAP) 

“周六学校让我掌握了市场需要的技能,这让我与众不同, 以个人和职业的方式. The structure and thought that goes into this programme is targeted to ensure the success of a willing and potential filled individual. 我永远感激周六学校给了我实现梦想的机会."
Thabiso Motha

Thabiso Motha

Thabiso graduated from the 星期六学校 in 2013 with 7 distinctions and was awarded a bursary to study BSc 矿业 Engineering at Wits University.  He joined Dimension Data in 2019 as a Graduate Accelerate Programme (GAP) intern and is now permanently employed as a Senior Associate Automation Engineer

“周六学校对一个普通的学习者来说是一个非凡的机会. 它揭示了潜藏在我体内的巨大潜力. 这是一个卓越的孵化中心.’

Kamokgelo Molaba

Kamokgelo Molaba

Kamokgelo graduated from the 星期六学校 in 2015 with 7 distinctions and was awarded a bursary to study Economic Science at Wits University. She joined Dimension Data in 2020 as a Graduate Accelerate Programme (GAP) intern and is currently completing her Masters in Economic Science. 

“周六学校对没有上进心的学习者来说是最大的动力. 它教会了我,要想跟上潮流,领先他人,学习是很重要的, 抛掉以前的想法和学习”

Karabo Sephofane

Karabo Sephofane

卡拉博于2015年以4项优异成绩毕业于周六学校. He was awarded a bursary to study Medical Microbiology at the University of Pretoria and joined Dimension Data in 2020 as a Graduate Accelerate Programme (GAP) intern. 

"Leaders are nurtured with patience" the 星期六学校 was patient with our growth and development and ensured that we leave the 星期六学校 with a holistic experience.”



周六学校的成功是通过学习者的承诺而实现的, 导师的奉献精神, 南非基础教育部的支持, 员工, 十大网赌网址在线排名的客户, 合作院校, 大专院校及青年发展组织,例如莫沙尔奖学金计划, Sci-Bono, 南非精算师发展方案.

通过这些合作伙伴关系,十大网赌网址在线排名的学员可以获得奖学金, 工作经验, 在IT行业有大量的导师和职业机会.

我校是维迪数据周六学校计划的合作学校之一. 该项目发掘了10年级数学、科学和会计学生的原始才能. 在参加了周六的节目之后,十大网赌网址在线排名总会有一两个学员不知从哪里冒出来. 在8年级、9年级和10年级没有进入前10名的学生在12年级结束时进入前3名. The programme doesn’t only maximise learners performance but also help them on how which courses are relevant to their performance. 他们还帮助学生申请大学. 我希望更多的学习者能够接触到这样的平台.

迈克尔Maligana -校长Kwena Molapo综合农场学校.

The success of the 星期六学校 has resulted in the programme becoming a feeder for young talent into our youth development programmes - Graduate Accelerate Programme (GAP) and Technical Accelerate Programme (TAP) which afford young leaders the opportunity to build their future, 用最新的技术帮助他们成为未来的创造者. Our education initiatives have given these learners exposure to world class 技术 and an opportunity to learn, 在公司和行业内成长和繁荣. By so doing we are enriching our country with highly sought-after skilled professionals for local and international co-creations that drive digital transformation.





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